Recoil Air Hose

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"I bought this flex hose to replace one yellow flex hose I had purchased at Harbor Freight. This hose does not tangle easily as the HF hose did. Better quality hose, by far. I am very happy with it.” - Ron M.

Why Buy Our Recoil Air Hose?

✅RECOIL HOSE: As a recoil hose, it does not tangle and coils up on its own when not in use! It is 25ft long and perfect for those who do not have a big working space. It has a 120PSI of working pressure which is perfect for most pneumatic tools. It has a ¼” of inner diameter and an outside diameter of 9.5mm. It has a safety factor of 3:1 meaning it can handle 3x more pressure than 120 PSI before breaking.

✅RESISTANT: This hose, because of its polyurethane material is scratch-resistant, flexible, and anti-kink because of the bend restrictors. It is also grease, abrasion, and cold-resistant. Incredibly flexible and easy to use.

✅UNIVERSAL PLUG: The universal plug is a 1/4'' NPT universal coupler that fits Industrial (I/M), ARO (A), and Automotive (T) and two pieces I/M type plugs. Heavy-duty steel air fittings are ideal for general-purpose applications and the anodized color coating has good durability and high scratch resistance.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the working pressure of the hose?

A: It is 120 psi

Q: What is the safety factor?

A: The safety factor is 3:1


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