Rechargeable EMF Meter Detector

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Easily Prevent & Reduce High Radiation Exposure!

“This device is easy to use and lets you know what electrical devices are emitting high levels of EMFs. The microwave was high, even when off. My PC speakers were super high, as well as my lamp. All three devices are gone. I bought new speakers with a low EMF. I’m happy with this little gadget!” - Tania E.

Why Buy Our Rechargeable EMF Meter Detector?

EASY OPERATION: EMF meters can measure electromagnetic fields, identify equipment that generates high radiation, and enable you to make decisions about limiting exposure. It has a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can display the radiation value on the clear LCD digital display after processing by a control micro-chip.

RELIABLE: This detector can test electric field and magnetic field radiation. When the electric field value exceeds 40V/m, and the magnetic field exceeds 0.4µT or 4mG, the LED screen turns red, the indicator light flashes, and the buzzer alarms. It ensures an accurate reading to prevent overexposure to high radiation.

WIDE APPLICATION: It is mainly used for testing TV, computer, printer, microwave oven, refrigerators, cell towers, low-frequency home appliances, ghost hunting, and more. 


  • This detector can’t measure RF (radio frequency).
  • EMF Detector will automatically shut down after 5 minutes without operation.
  • Optional units: (mG/µT) for testing magnetic field radiation and (V/m) for testing electric field.
  • Based on research:

    • To power it on, short press the power icon button. Press the power icon button after setting up the meter to hold the reading in the lock position and press it again to cancel it.
    • To switch between the average or peak value mode, short press the “AVP/VPP” icon button.
    • After startup, long press the "AVG/VPP" button to turn the sound alarm on or off. If the buzzer is turned on, the volume icon will be displayed on the screen, and an alarm will sound.
    • To change units, short press the unit icon button to switch the magnetic field unit between uT and mG.

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is the gigahertz range on this?

    A: The range is 5Hz—3500MHz.

    Q: Will this detect a faulty electrical panel?

    A: No, it does not. 

    Q: Does it detect temperature?

    A: No, it can only test electric field and magnetic field radiation.