Quiet Register Booster Fan

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Cool & Heat Your Home More Efficiently!

"We got one of these and we noticed a big difference this summer. It has kept the bedroom 2° to 5° cooler than what it normally is which again makes a big difference so this is a good investment!  - Luke Jones

Why Buy Our Quiet Register Booster Fan?

✅MEASURES: Now you don’t have to suffer being hotter or colder in certain parts of your home with our Quiet Register Booster Fan! It fits specifically for 4 x 10” registers and it has an in-built thermometer that reacts based on what you program and boosts the temperature that you set. Easy to install, either screw it in or literally plop it down the vent and plug it in then program it to your liking!

✅VERSATILE: You can program the fan based on hotness or coldness and if you don’t want to you can just simply turn it on as a manual fan! It has 10 levels of speed on the manual mode and can reach up to 120 CFM airflow while being as quiet as 18 decibels. The wall adapter is long enough for you to use anywhere in your home and overall improves your home HVAC system!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What settings can you adjust?

A: There are three settings that can be adjusted: Fan speed, Cooling Temperature Threshold, and Heating Temperature Threshold.

Q: Can this be used on floor that will be stepped on?

A: Yes, it is sturdy enough to do so.


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