Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker

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Quicker and Easier Snack-Making!

    Tired of staying in the kitchen for long hours just to prepare a snack? Want to eat delicious meals without breaking your diet? This Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker is the answer to your problems!

    🥪 For more delicious egg bite recipes and general information about the product, CLICK 👉 HERE!

    Why do you need a Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker?

    Not all of us have the luxury of time to spend long hours in the kitchen to prepare our food. But then again, no one would like to eat untasty, bland, and unhealthy snacks every day!

    This is what the Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker is for!

    Whether you’re a professional who is always on the go or a college student rushing through your deadlines, you can have delicious egg bite snacks in just 10 minutes!

    Not only is it great for busy people, but it is also fit for some Vegetarians or people who are on a Keto and Paleo diet since egg bites are gluten-free and rich in protein! Save money from buying expensive egg-bites in restaurants!

    Easy and healthy. Who knew you could get the best of both worlds when preparing snacks!

    Why buy our Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker?

    ✅ Easy to Use: It comes with a non-stick, quick-heating steam plate and silicone molds that could make 4 egg bites or 1 whole egg for your sandwich in just 10 minutes! No need to be a kitchen wizard to use it!

     DIY: If you’re a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, you can mix your egg bites with mushrooms, scallions, and other vegetables. If you’re a parent who wants your kids to eat healthily, you can level up their egg bites with a couple of ham and cheese! It can also be used to cook other desserts such as cheesecakes and custards.

     Secured and Safe: It comes with a light indicator to tell you if your egg bites are done and if it's time to plug out the unit. It also has non-slip feet for stability and a cool-touch handle to protect your fingers! 

     Compact and Lightweight: It only weighs 2lbs with the product dimension of 4.75 x 4.75 inches! Perfect for small kitchens, dorms, RVs, and for your outdoor trips!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What’s the size of the silicone molds?

    A: The four small silicone molds have a diameter of 2 inches while the large silicone mold has a diameter of 4 inches.

    Q: How does it cook the egg? Are they fried?

    A: No. The eggs are cooked by the steam made by the water in the silicone molds.

    Q: Can I make eggs for my English muffins?

    A: Yes! For making sandwiches, you should use the large silicone mold.

    🍴 How to Cook:

    1. Plugin your Egg Bite Snack Maker and fill up the heating pan with water using one of the small silicone molds.
    2. Prepare your egg batter and fill up the chosen silicone molds.
    3. Add vegetables and other ingredients if you want.
    4. Cook in 10 minutes.
    5. Enjoy eating!

      🥪 For more delicious egg bite recipes and general information about the product, CLICK 👉 HERE!

    ❗ Reminders:

    1. Do not overfill the silicone molds or else it will burn the top portion of the egg bites.
    2. Make sure to wipe the heating pan with a clean cloth before and after use.
    3. For more safety information about the product, 👉 CLICK HERE.


    • Color: Red / Aqua / Black
    • Package Dimensions: 9.69 x 6.57 x 4.8 inches
    • Item Weight: 2.29 pounds
    • Power: 420 watt

    Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker
    • 4 x Small Silicone Molds
    • 1 x Large Silicone Mold
    • 1 x FREE Downloadable Recipe Book 🔥

    Make hassle-free but healthy snacks with this Quick & Easy Egg Bite Snack Maker! Whether you want to spend less time in the kitchen or you want to start a Keto diet, this one’s for you, so grab yours now! 

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