Quick-Absorb Pet Rug

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Color: Brown
Size: 18"x28" inch
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Why do we need the Quick-Absorb Pet Rug?

Summer season entails so much water and wet backyard activities and with all your kiddie pools and water slides set in place, there’s no denying how much muddy, slippery wreck your home is going to be.

Good thing if you can direct family members to be mindful of mud and moisture but with pets? They’ll go back and forth spreading wet, muddy paw prints all over your house like it is a canvas.

Of course, we can train them. But until then, we have the shortest way out in the form of Pet Rugs! Pet Rugs help eliminate the need to wait on our furballs to wipe their paws or the need to constantly slave over the tiles and floors of the house.

Why buy our Quick-Absorb Pet Rug?

You might think any rug might do the trick but not really.

It should have a dirt and moisture trapper technology that protects your floors from filthy footprints and fine fibers with quick-dry super absorbency that easily and efficiently absorbs wetness from feet and paws with quick-drying effect on the fibers like our Quick-Absorb Pet Rug.

Our Quick-Absorb Pet Rug is made of 55% cotton and 45% microfiber material with very soft and fine fibers and non-slip PVC-free rubber backing that hugs tight to its position and waterproof.

Of course, this product is intentionally for reducing the hassle on your part so it’s also low profile, which means it prevents doors from getting blocked or stuck. The best part about this rug is that it’s not just a pet rug, it’s can also function as their litter mat where your fur buddies can eat, play or sleep and a normal rug especially for the kids!

You also have the freedom to choose about the sizes that would fit you and your pets best!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • What is the size of the Quick-Absorb Pet Rug?
  • Our Pet Rug comes in a variety of sizes: 

    18" x 28" (45 x 70 cm)
    24" x 35" (60 x 90 cm)
    24" x 60" (60 x 150 cm)

  • Is it available in different colors?
  • Two available colors- brown and black. Please refer to size and color chart.

  • Is it machine washable?
  • Certainly. But please expect to wash off excess fibers for the first wash. Though it’s machine washable, we recommend that you hose it off with water instead so lint and fibers won’t be stuck in your washing machine.

  • Can it be placed outside, by the deck?
  • Yes! But be sure to fetch it out when it’s about to rain because it can’t function as an absorbent mat anymore once it’s soaked. We also recommend you use an outside rubber mat just before this to deal with the heavy filth and mud.

  • Can it also trap sands, grass and small pebbles?
  • If your concern is getting floors full of sand, soil and other small debris from outside, this pet rug can trap and easily help you with that.

    Package Includes:
    (1) One pet rug

    Have fun all you want with your fur babies because there’s no more mess, no more stress with our Quick-Absorb Pet Rug!

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