Queen Size Mattress Waterproof Protector Cover

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Let your bedding stay fresher and live longer!

“I needed a waterproof cover to prevent my mattress from any accidental stains and this cover is just perfect for me. I did a water test on it and didn’t go through! My mattress is really protected. It’s also just the perfect size, fits snuggly, but not hard to get on the mattress.” - Venice R.

How Can This Keep A Mattress Fresher and Live Longer?

✅   WATERPROOF: This protector cover features NBH2O TPU as the back coating, keeping your mattress safe against all types of fluids, including spills, urine, sweat stains, and many more!

✅   COMFORTABLE: Its surface is made of blended 80% cotton and 20% polyester, making it soft and breathable.

✅   DEEP POCKET: This protector cover features an 18-inch extra deep pocket for a snug fit to the mattress. 

✅   EASY TO CLEAN: This protector cover is machine washable, making it easy to wash and dry. 


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I wash this with bleach?

A: It is NOT recommended to wash the cover with bleach. When drying, tumble dry with low heat. Do NOT iron and do NOT dry clean. 

Q: Does this go under your sheets? Or does it serve as the sheets?

A: It goes under your sheets to protect your mattress. 

Q: Does it fit in an 8 inch deep mattress?

A: Yes, the deep pocket size of the cover is 18 inches, and it can fit with 8-21 inch deep mattresses as it is stretchable. 

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