Pull Back Ram

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Straighten Out Your Auto Body Frames!

"If you need to pull a frame of a vehicle together or to pull some steel together for welding, believe me, this is the tool for the job and it was a great deal, really well-made product for the money, it comes highly recommend from me, it would do the job easily in a professional body shop.- Rick Cordone

Why Buy Our Pull Back Ram?

✅POWERFUL: The Pull Back Ram straightens, bends, or pulls any body frame of trucks, tractors & heavy machinery. It has a 10-ton power or 8100 PSI. It has a 5” pulling distance which gets the job done in any professional environment that engages in body frame work of heavy machinery or trucks. This works in conjunction with porta power hydraulic systems.

✅DURABLE: It is made of an all-steel construction. It is incredibly durable and is able to withstand up to 10-ton or 8100 PSI. It is made with durability in mind as it is important that we make our customers feel comfortable working with extremely high forces so that they can be safe and also execute their job properly.


  • Works in conjunction with porta power hydraulic systems

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work on a car?

A: This is designed for heavy machinery and can be used for cars.

Q: Do the hooks rotate?

A: Yes, they do.