PSU Pins Extraction Tool

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Crimped Pins No Longer A Problem!

"This is the highest quality set around. I used 2 other pin removers with no luck and wasted tons of time in the process. Do yourself a favor and just buy these as they are the best on the market. Took me less than 60 seconds to remove a pin while creating custom PSU cables. Best on the market!- Gary Bernal

Why Buy Our PSU Pins Extraction Tool?

✅EFFECTIVE: The PSU Pins Extraction Tool inserts into the housing of the Molex pins and unclasps the pin and makes it easy to remove. This makes repairing, rewiring or modding your power connectors an incredibly easy and smooth experience.

✅VERSATILE: It is designed to extract crimped Mini-Fit series terminals from their housings from male or female crimp terminals. This makes it so that it’s the only Molex pins extraction tool you’ll really need.

✅SAFE: This extraction tool doesn’t damage the pins you’re going to remove so you can reuse them if need be. You won’t have to worry about buying a new pin or doing further damage to an already damaged connector!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This tool is designed for mini-fit jr. terminals

⚙️ How to use: ⚙️

  1. Insert the extraction tool into the housing
  1. Use the slots located on the inside of the housing to guide the extraction tool blades into the

housing until contact is made with the terminal.

  1. Continue to insert the tool, always checking to see that the blades of the extraction tool are on the outside of the contact.
  1. Continue to insert the extraction tool into the housing until the locking tangs have snapped out of their locked position. If the terminal locking tabs are still not totally depressed, hold on tight to the wire and push it toward the extraction tool. This will completely depress the locking tabs.
  1. Grasp the terminal by the wire, and gently pull it out from the housing.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work for both female and male connectors?

A: Yes, this tool works on both of them.

Q: Will this work for yellow waterproof connectors?

A: If it is a mini-fit jr connector, yes.


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