Portable Liquid Transfer Pump

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Automatically Transfer Liquids Without A Hassle!

“The pump is very easy to use and one of the few that is for fuel. I used this to transfer from a boat diesel tank to cans for tank cleaning and back once done. I also used it on deck to transfer from fuel cans to the tank during a long passage. It’s cleaner and easier than trying to pour the 5-gallon fuel can. It moves the fuel pretty quickly, and it is compact overall. I bought a second one for a friend. I definitely recommend it!” - Vaughn J.

Why Buy Our Portable Liquid Transfer Pump?

EASY TO USE: It automatically and safely transfers a variety of liquids, gas, water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids to your car, boat, ATV, Tractors, and more. This battery-operated liquid pump transfers 2.2 gallons or pumps 9 quarts of liquid per minute. Simply insert 6x AA or 2x D batteries into the pump, put the pump in a 3-5 gallon of fluids, turn on the switch button, and start transferring. 

CONVENIENT: This pump has a high-quality motor that will not produce any large noise when pumping and features a lightweight design for easy transport. It also has a built-in on/off switch and a tube length of 16” that fits 3 to 5 gallons of fluid for a fast and safe operation. 

WIDE APPLICATION: The connection between the hose and the pump is solid and fixed, preventing any overflow or leakage. It can be used for pumping kerosene, light oils, diesel oils, chemicals, insecticides, light solvents, gasoline, detergent, soaps, and antifreeze to a truck, mower, aquariums, garage, basement, bathroom, shop, yard and more. 


  • Please remove the battery when not in use.
  • NOT recommended for high viscosity fluid because the oil suction power will be weakened when applied to a high-density fluid. It is also NOT recommended for corrosive liquids.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it have an overfill sensor?

A: No, it doesn’t have an overfill sensor.

Q: Can the entire tool, including the handheld portion, be submerged in water?

A: No

Q: The bilge water in my boat has lots of Styrofoam beads in it. Does the pump have a filter? Will these beads clog it?

A: The pump has no built-in filter and will clog once it sucks any beads. It’s purely for liquid forms.


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