Pocket Hole Jig Kit

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A Faster Way Of Drilling Perfect Pocket Holes Every Time!

“I was pleasantly surprised to find how well this pocket hole jig worked. I tried it out immediately to see if it was as good as others had attested and used it to build a table, and it was so easy to set up and use. I was happy with the results and will gladly recommend it to anyone who is doing their DIY projects!” - Pia E.

Why Buy Our Pocket Hole Jig Kit?

VERSATILE: This jig is an ideal solution for a fast, accurate, and reliable way of drilling perfect pocket holes in hardwood, softwood, and sheet (MDF) materials, including some synthetic and composite materials, to quickly construct cabinetry, furniture, and other types of joinery. You can also easily adjust the height according to the thickness of the board using the thumbscrew on the slider.

EFFICIENT: All measurement markings that are on the jigs are for the direct reference of how thick your project materials are to eliminate the need to measure with outside tools. It is in both imperial and metric units, making them easier to read. It also includes (2) 3/8” stepped drill bits to drill different wood thicknesses with an additional 4” and 6” square drive bits to help you reach those awkward places in your joinery projects.

CONVENIENT: The additional slider holder included with the jig can be used for larger or longer boards, providing you flexibility outside the normal limits of most pocket hole jigs. Suitable for materials thicker than 1.7” or 43mm.

HIGH QUALITY: The kit is made of high-quality all-metal construction, which is much more durable than plastic and glass-filled nylon alternatives.


  • For the best performance for drilling the rotation speed should be greater than 500 RPM preferably 1500 RPM.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have two pieces of black walnut 2" thick that I want to join. Will this work?

A: Yes

Q: It states that the jig can be removed from the clamp to be used standalone with your own clamp. Does it work on boards less than 1.7" thick?

A: Yes, the pocket hole jig additional slider holder can also be applied to wood boards with a thickness ranging from 0.5" up to 1.7".


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