Pneumatic Screen & Storm Door Closer

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Say Goodbye To Your Door Slamming Shut!

“This closer is a solid product, heavy in the hand. I used it on a solid wood door, and it works beautifully! The door swings closed fast to a certain point and then slows down to an adjustable amount before closing securely. It did not disappoint. Easy to mount and adjust. A must-have for your screen or storm doors!” - Natalie Lopez

Why Buy Our Pneumatic Screen & Storm Door Closer?

EASY TO INSTALL: Prevent your screen & storm doors from loudly slamming shut by installing our Pneumatic Door Closer! It opens your door at a full 90 degrees before pulling it closed at a controlled pace, making it easier to close and open your door. Perfect for your home, out-swinging storm, and security doors.

HEAVY DUTY: It can easily increase or decrease the closing speed and force; simply adjust the screw at the end of the pneumatic tube to get it right. It is also made from high-quality aluminum material and is easy to install, as it comes with everything you need to set it up. 


  • This closer can let your door stay open at a full 90 degrees without closing by positioning the washer towards the end of the pneumatic tube to hold it open. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this hold the door open if we want? Then close it again?

A: Yes, it can. There is a washer that you can slide and position to hold your door open, and when you are ready to close your door, simply slide it back to its original position. 

Q: Does this fix the slamming of my door?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can this close a patio slide door?

A: No, this closer is designed for a hinged-style door.


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