Pin & Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

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Make Structurally Sound Work!

"SUPER fast and easy for measuring wood water content. This tool has two ways to measure, the pins, and the real value, allows one to simply put the back of the tool against the wood and quickly get a reading.”  - Luke Nelson

Why Buy Our Pin & Pinless Wood Moisture Meter?

✅MEASURES: Moist wood rots and warps and if left unchecked can shrink when dry and ruin your whole work! Avoid that with our Pin & Pinless Wood Moisture Meter! Scans your wood whether it be hardwood or softwood with +/-4% accuracy to about 0-53% moisture levels! With the pin, it gets even more accurate at +/-2% accuracy at 5-50% moisture levels.

✅VERSATILE: With this design it can even measure the moisture of masonry and building materials though the total measurement of moisture content of them becomes different. For a regular scan, it is 0-35% and for pins, it is 1.5-33%. It can even measure the temperature from 0-40 degrees!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the pins replaceable?

A: No, they are not.

Q: What type of battery does it take?

A: It does come with it but to answer the question it requires 2x AAA batteries.