On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Pivoting AC Outlets

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Protect and power up 6 devices at a time! 🔌💯

What an electrical surge isOn-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Pivoting AC Outlets
“As a first time mother, I make sure that everything’s safe in our home. This surge protector is perfect, not only does it keep our devices safe from surges, its 6 outlets are also pivoting! Very convenient.
- Abigail Dawson
On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Pivoting AC Outlets

✅  EXTRA PROTECTION: This surge protector has a 1,080 joule rating, making it perfect protection from large surges.

  • There are two green LED indicators that let you know if devices are protected and if the outlet is grounded.
LED indicator
  • Its metal oxide varistor (MOV) is fireproof and it has an EMI/RFI fIltering
Fireproof MOV and EMI/RFI fIltering.

✅  CONVENIENT: It features 6 pivoting outlets that can rotate 90 degrees, for easy plug access of different types of chargers/cords.

On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Pivoting AC Outlets

✅  LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: The on-wall surge protector has a low-profile design, with a slim 1.5-inch frame, making it compact and neat.

Low profile 1.5" design
Pivoting outlets

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this resettable after surge?

A: No, it is not resettable/reusable when it has experienced a surge. The product is designed for protection from outages, but if the surge is so severe that it exhausts the surge protection, it will sacrifice itself (break the circuit) to save your connected devices from any damage. There is a light to indicate that your device is protected, and when this light goes out, it is an indication that the surge protector needs to be replaced.

Q: Can you screw this into a wall?

A: No, this type of surge protector doesn’t screw into a wall. It should easily be installed or plugged into an existing outlet. 

Q: Does this work with 220 volts?

A: No, this works with 110V only. 


Different types of compatible outlets

Safety tested and UL tested
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