Oil Drain Valve & Hose Kit

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Style: Oil Drain Valve Only
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Ridiculously Easy Engine Oil Drainage!

"I have used this product for many of my cars and it has never failed!
Besides it is easy to lock and unlock the oil from the engine pan, it also keeps the drain hole socket from loosing its tightness from multiple attempts of unbolting. Now, changing oil is faster and cleaner.”
- John Rodriguez

Why Buy Our Oil Drain Valve & Hose Kit?

✅VERSATILE: This product will save you cleaning, time, and effort on changing or draining your engine oil by making a cleaner and more efficient oil change by only turning a lever and preventing the liquid from dripping in unexpected angles. It fits most vehicles and equipment fitting 14mm-1.5 thread size oil drain valves. It has a 5mm nipple that you can attach to a hose for more specific situations.

✅HOSE KIT: The hose kit will save you from unintentionally messing up your car parts from the oil draining from your oil pan. It can redirect the flow of your oil drain valve without issue and it is made with kink resistance and durability in mind.


✅DURABLE: It is made from Japanese specification corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel. It is leak tested before it comes out and is double-sealed to make sure it doesn’t leak whatsoever. It has a built-in safety lock to prevent any mishaps and comes with a cap to prevent any foreign substances to enter your engine pan.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Torque it based on the instructions as you do not want to overtighten or under-tighten it.
  • Remember to tighten at the body of the valve, not the nipple.
  • Fits 14mm-1. 5 thread size oil drain valve 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it fit my car?

A: It fits 14mm-1. 5 thread size oil drain valves, check your vehicle if it falls within specification.

Q: Does it come with a hose?

A: Only in the complete set does it come with the hose.


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