Oil Drain Valve

Size: M12-1.25


Clean, Fast, And Easy Oil Change!

Very well constructed, eliminates oil spills and is mess-free when changing vehicle oil. Second one I have purchased. No more hot oil down your arm or messing with drain pans. Drain old oil straight into 5 qt. oil cans, this drain valve comes with a drain valve with a hose connected to it. Perfect!” - Felix D.

Why Buy Our Oil Drain Valve?

EASY TO USE: This valve can easily drain your vehicle’s oil in just 10 minutes or less without the aid of a tool. It also comes with a drain tube that pushes upward on the steel ball to release the flow of oil and drains it through the attached tube into your container. Simply, remove the cap then insert the drain tool and watch the oil drain.

DURABLE: It is made of rock solid 304 stainless steel body making it durable and has a steel cap with a rubber seal inside for added protection against leaks.

WIDE APPLICATION: Designed to effortlessly drain oils with a simple twist of the wrist. It’s also compatible with most vehicles like Volkswagen, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Honda, SAIC, BMW, and Nissan.


  • The valve is vehicle-specific. Please ensure you choose the right size for your particular vehicle.
  • For faster oil changes, we recommend draining the oil hot.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with a crush washer

A: Yes it comes with an aluminum crush washer for one-time installation.

Q: Is this oil plug magnetized?

A: No, this is not magnetized

Q: How does it work? 


  • Installation Instructions
    • Remove the existing bolt and clean the sealing surface. Use provided washer. Start by hand-threading the valve into place. Do not force the plug. Tighten with a 24MM wrench or socket. Tighten to a snug fit.
  • Operating Instructions
    • Remove drain cap and thread on the Drain Tool. The inner actuator pushes the spring-loaded check ball upward. This releases the flow of oil. When finished, remove the drain tool and re-install the cap.

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