Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board

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Why do we need a Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board?

Here is another simple innovation for the food industry. A cutting board that is flexible yet at the same time very durable and non-slip too!

Cutting boards move when you cut too strong. They slide. 

This can cause serious harm because there are high-percentage that you might cut yourself.

Aside from that, when you are done cutting and you are ready to cook whatever you sliced or diced they slid off the chopping board. 

This results in too much work because you will pick up the pieces one by one. 

So with this innovation, with this Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board, you can make your cooking experience so much easier, convenient, and safer.

Why buy our Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board?

Because it is very durable despite being very flexible and light. You can bend it and twist it to fit the mouth of a caserole pot. Unlike other rigid and heavy chopping board that is almost inconvenient.

Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board gives you the flexibility and convenience that you thought is not possible with chopping boards without too much cost and being too impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is this made of plastic?
Yes it is but is a certified food grade material.

What are the sizes of these?
It comes in two sizes per set. You can choose between small and medium.

How thick is this?
It is thick enough to be durable but not thicker than .3 inches.

Package Includes:
*a choice between small to large sizes with 4 colors per set.

Make your cooking easier by having a Non-slip Flexible Chopping Board. This will not only keep your cooking process smoother but it will also prevent unexpected accidents.

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