Multifunctional Ladder Tool

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Be Able To Use Your Ladders On Stairs!

"It is quite strong and well-made. Even on my slick wood floor steps, the gripping surfaces are non-slip and effective. Additionally, it securely secures the ladder feet; while using the ladder on my stairs, I felt balanced and secure.- Michael Thompson

Why Buy Our Multifunctional Ladder Tool?

✅LEVELLING: The Multifunctional Ladder Tool levels out your ladder and makes it useable in cases where it normally isn’t like stairs, slopes, or roofs. It gives it an extra boost of versatility making your tools even more effective!

✅MULTIFUNCTION: This ladder tool can also function as a ladder jack, tool platform, and even toolbox! It gives you that much more flexibility when it comes to the use case of this tool and you will always find yourself happy that you have this tool because of its versatility!

✅TOUGH: This is made from high-quality durable plastic that is made to withstand 500 lbs of force and is even installed with a non-slip grip that made the ladder more secure as there is less of a chance to slip, especially when oriented against stairs, roofs, or slopes!


  • Place it properly on the angled surface and make sure it isn’t moving before you put your ladder on it and climb it!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to secure it on the stairs?

A: No, this tool requires no installation, you only need to place it on the stairs properly.

Q: What is the maximum load of this tool?

A: The maximum load is 500 lbs.


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