Multi-functional Decontamination Brush

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Why do we need a Multi-functional Decontamination Brush?

Because stains, of sticky, greasy charcoal ridden kettles, pots, casserole, frying pans, spatulas, knife and everything in the kitchen that gets greasy.

It is just so hard to wash and clean the utensils when they are so greasy and very charcoa-ly. You have to repeat everything, wash and rinse until they are spotless clean. But that takes too much time, cleaning soap, water and too much unnecessary effort.

Good thing Multi-functional Decontamination Brush does the hard and dirty work of removing all that mess for you. It easily wipes off the grease and stains without too much effort from your side. NOT ONLY that but it also decontaminates everything you clean.

A guaranteed twice the cleaning results for you.

Why buy our Multi-functional Decontamination Brush?

Because it is an all cleaning brush for your cleaning activities. It removes the blackened portion of your utensils and presents you with an all new utensils.

No too much effort and very affordable too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

  • Is soap needed along with this to clean greasy pans?
  • This in itself can work alone to clean stains but using detergent or liquid dishwashing soaps together with this product can certainly and completely clean the pot or pan free of grease or even the most stubborn stains.

  • Can this really be used as a knife sharpener?
  • Definitely! This multi-functional decontamination brush is made of sponge coated on one side with emery, a product of mixing corundum and magnetite which is good for polishing, grinding and smoothing. Because of its texture, it can effectively polish and sharpen knives.

  • Can the sponge in the handle be replaced?
  • No. The sponge is attached permanently to the handle but worry not because it is made with high quality sponge and emery attached to a PP material eco-friendly handle that can surely last long.

  • Can it clean up rusts in pots and pans too?
  • Certainly! This product is made to clean our different kitchen wares from grease, stains, rusts and calcium deposits. This is a tough cleaner for the toughest stains.

  • Is it durable?
  • Of course! Though made from three different materials, it is also designed to be sturdy but flexible to withstand strain, stress and pressure.

  • What is its size?
  • Its length is 5.51” (14cm) and width is 3.14” (8cm) with a comfortable handle for the hands.

    No more greasy hands, no more stainy pots, no more wasting of money using the all new Multi-functional Decontamination Brush!

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