Mini Pie and Quiche Maker

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Make Them Easily In Minutes!

" I'm in love with this Pie and Quiche Maker! It makes cute pies and it's very easy and fast to use! Also, the dough cutter is a huge help!" - Klarissa R.

Why Buy Our Mini Pie and Quiche Maker?

EASY TO USE: Cook up to 6 delicious bite-size pies and quiches in minutes. Made with fluted edges for the perfect design for your mini pies and quiche.

NON-STICK: Has a non-stick interior for easy clean-up and the entire unit is compact for easy storage. Also comes with a dough cutting circle so you can easily measure the perfect amount of dough for your mini pies and quiches every time.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many volts is this?

A: It's 120 V.

Q: What is the white circle included for?

A: It's the dough cutting circle. It's used to measure the dough you need for your pies.

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