Quad-Core Intel Celeron J3455 Mini PC

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Style: 4GB RAM + 64GB HDD
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4k graphics? Fast processor? This is the mini pc you're looking for!

Looking to replace your tired, old laptop but don't know much about computers? Need a pc that you can bring anywhere? 

Then this mini pc is just what you need, with high specs and being user friendly, it's just what you need!

Why do you need a Mini PC?

Computers are handy. Now that’s an understatement, with a computer you can access information from anywhere, watch movies, create documents, and more.

But the truth is, a computer that performs to your expectations is hard to find and one that’s convenient to use at the same time is even harder. Not to mention, VERY expensive.

Here’s a question, have you ever heard of something called a mini PC?

Well, it’s just what the name says. It’s a small, portable computer that you can hook up to any peripheral and be as usable as a regular desktop.

Mini PC’s produce low noise and don’t take up too much space, giving you more comfort during use.

And thanks to modern technology, mini PCs are just as powerful as their larger cousins, giving you excellent performance in a cheaper, convenient and handheld package.

So why not check out this mini PC, now?

Why buy our Mini PC?

Convenient: This mini PC only weighs a bit below 2 pounds, which means you can easily pack it in your bag, bring it to the office, school or wherever you’ll need it.

Powerful: Run by a 2.3 GHz Intel Celeron, this mini PC can compete with your regular home PC and ensures that you can do one or two tasks smoothly.

Expandable Storage: This mini PC gives you the option to install an SSD/HDD AND an SD card to give you more storage space.

Versatile: You can expect this mini PC to do the things that a regular-sized desktop can do such as: Watching movies in 4K HD, browsing the internet at high speed, using word processing software and more!

Flexible: You can connect this mini PCto multiple screens such as your TV or projector. Heck, there’s even a variant that includes a monitor with built-in speakers that you can connect it with!

Ready for use: The mini PC comes installed with Windows 10 as it’s an operating system giving you a modern computer using experience.

Can Be Gotten w/ a Monitor: You can purchase this mini PC with 24” LED monitor, that has built-in speakers AND an Adaptive-Sync System that ensures you get the best picture at all times!

Self Cooling: This mini pc comes with it’s own fan and ventilation system that allows it to remain cool during use. If you find the fan to be noisy, we recommend putting a ½ inch space between the mini PCand the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this have Microsoft Word installed?

A: No, this mini PC does not have MS office programs installed, it only has Windows 10 Pro installed as the operating system.

Q: Can I increase the memory on this and how?

A: Yes! There is a slot in the pc for installing a SATA SSD/HDD up to 2TB to increase your RAM, while you can also install an SD card of up to 128GB in the SD card slot.

How To Use:

Mini PC:

  1. Connect the wall socket plug to the wall socket and the mini PC to power up the device. An LED light at the top of the device should turn blue to show that the device is on. 
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the mini PC and to your TV or chosen device.
  3. Once HDMI is connected, the mini PC will boot up by displaying a blue screen.
  4. The mini PC will display the windows first login set-up, just follow the instructions on the screen. 
  5. Once you've followed the steps of the set-up you will your device will be running on Windows 10 and is ready for you to use as a regular computer.


Mini PC:


Package Inclusions:

You can choose to purchase any of these Mini PC’s with varying memory sizes:

  • 1 x Mini PC (4GB + 64GB)
  • 1 x Mini PC (6GB + 120GB SSD)

With that, you can also purchase this compatible monitor for your convenience:

  • 1 x 24” LED Monitor

❗ No keyboards, mouses, and other computer parts included in the package. 

You need a desktop. But not just any desktop, you need something portable, powerful and fast. Lucky for you, this mini PC is all of those. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, this mini PC has been sought after by office workers, students, parents and tech experts alike for its reliability and performance.

So, why not get your much-needed taste of speed, output, convenience and reliability all in this handheld package?

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