Mini Lie Detector

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Why do we need a Mini Lie Detector?

Party and games will be so much better and so much thrilling if you add a little bit of shock to it. 

What I mean is a literal shock. 

It is much better than just spin a bottle or truth or dare because this one poses a serious consequence for those who fail.

Team buildings and group outings will never be the same with this new plaything in town. Well, wouldn’t you be so thrilled to test yourself and get the shock of your life if you ever fail it? 

This is not just a shocking game but this is a game truth and lies wherein people and the tool will test your innermost self of whether you are telling the truth or not.

Why buy our Mini Lie Detector?

Because of the following reasons:

  1. It is an old game made new with technology so you can have so much fun without being too dangerous
  2. You will be literally shocked because it produces electrical shock when it detects that you are lying. BUT it is safe enough not to kill you. Don’t worry we won’t kill you.
  3. It will make your outing the best outing ever with just this simple tool because it will give your group an activity you will never forget.
  4. The shock increases the stronger it detects your lie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How strong is the electrical shock?

It is not stronger than a bite of an ant but it is very surprising so it adds to the thrill.

Are children of age 12 allowed to use it?

We strongly advise that they won't be allowed to play this. Only children 14 years old and above should be playing this.

Do you have to plug this to work?

No! It is purely battery powered. It is powered by 3 pieces of AAA battery.

Package Includes:

*1 lie detecting toy

Increase the thrill and make your game and party activities even more fun with Mini Lie Detector. 

Trust me, your games will never be the same.

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