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Before buying an expensive and very sophisticated drone you should practice first on how to handle it and operate it. Because once it is broken or destroyed your expensive drones cannot be brought back or repaired to its original state. 


You have to buy a new one again. So before you step into handling an expensive one like that practice first! 


Practice with a Mini Drone so you can get the hang of it and work as a professional with a real one. 


The good bits of a Mini Drone




  • CAN DO A 360 DEGREE TURN - The drone even if it seems like a toy can do a tight maneuver. You can make it flip in Mid-air. 
  • 6-AXIS SYSTEM - This 6-axis system lets the drone to the tight maneuvers and flips. This also allows the drone to have stability and strong wind resistance. 
  • RECHARGEABLE - The drone has a 30 minute charging time that can fully charge your drones. 
  • COMES WITH A REMOTE - This drone comes with its own remote wherein you can control the movement of the drone. 



  • ENABLES YOU A REAL-TIME PRACTICE - With this, you can practice your drone driving and handling skills so when you finally get your hands on a really sophisticated one you will know what to do. 
  • LETS YOU HAVE UNLIMITED FUN WITH YOUR KIDS - Unlike expensive, sophisticated drones this one can be safely handled by kids. You can let them enjoy and you can teach them early how to fly a drone! 
  • VERY LIGHT AND SMALL - This drone when in use and collapsed weigh in just not more than half a pound. Despite that, it is also very durable and stable. 
  • HAS LEDS LIGHTS - So you can see it even in the dark! 
  • HAS A 30 YARD TRAVEL DISTANCE - You can fly this drone up to 30-yard travel distance. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


    How long does this last in the air? 

    This lasts up to 10 minutes in the air when fully charged. 


    Is the remote control battery powered?
    Yes it is! So when you feel like it is not working just change the battery.


    How easy is this to use? Is this suitable for kids 5 and under?

    It is like controlling a remote controlled car toy but this one is with flight capability. Children under 7 can surely play this so don’t worry.


    Package Includes:

    1 x JJRC H36 Mini Drone

    1 x 3.7V 150MAH battery
    (Options: 1 Battery, 2 Batteries, 3 Batteries)

    1 x Remote Control

    1 x USB cable

    1 x Screwdriver

    4 x Propellers

    1 x Manual


    Begin your journey into flying a drone with our Mini Drone! Teach yourself and your kids the right way to play like the big boys!


    Grab it now!

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