MC4 Solar Panel Connectors

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Protect Your Solar Panel Connections!

"These connectors are well made. I have had some in the past that were cheap and I was afraid they would break after a short time. Not these. The plastic is thick and sturdy. The connectors themselves are well-made and will hold up to the elements for a long time. They are easy to crimp and hold the wire well.- Alex Napier

Why Buy Our MC4 Solar Panel Connectors?

✅STRONG: The MC4 Solar Panel Connectors give you the freedom to connect your solar panels the way you want, giving you the best-desired result. It comes with both male and female connectors with their corresponding couplings and a tightening & disconnection tool. It has a maximum voltage of 1,000.

✅WEATHER RESISTANT: It provides your solar panel connections protection from UV and weather conditions giving you the confidence your solar panels won’t suddenly be disconnected in the middle of a rain or storm. The protection class is IP67 which means it is strongly protected against dust and water. It also protects your connections from disconnecting with the locking design.


  • Make sure the couplings are connected to the proper male or female connector.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is its maximum voltage?

A: It is 1000 volts.

Q: What is the rated current for these connectors?

A: It is 30A.


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