Magnetic Welding V-Clamp Set



Easily Build, Hold, And Position Steel!

“These are great for holding that one goofy little piece when your hands are already full! With a little creativity, you have almost limitless possibilities with these little guys to get something positioned long enough to tack it in place. There’s a center hole, so if you want to get fancy, you can permanently mount them or attach them to another magnet. Each pack had 2 small and 2 medium ones, so with two packs, you can use them to fit joints of the pipe too!” - Adrian E.

Why Buy Our Magnetic Welding V-Clamp Set?

RELIABLE: Each clamp can easily hold tabs, gussets, plates, and odd-shaped pieces in position for tack welding. It can also pivot to clasp onto round, square, or flat metal surfaces and contains 4-rare earth magnets, which provide secure gripping power for holding and positioning.

HIGH QUALITY: These clamps are made of high-quality stainless steel with a maximum pull force of 18lbs, making them durable and long-lasting. It comes in 2 small and 2 medium clamps that are widely used on doors, toolboxes, windows, wooden cases, furniture, and more.


  • Heat Warning: avoid prolonged exposure to high heat. Rare-earth magnets may demagnetize with temp. exceeding 185°F.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do they lock in place?

A: Each leg rotates on a pin, so they do not lock. But once both are placed on a part, they do not move.   

Q: How can I prevent it from being demagnetized?

A: You need to ensure that you won’t exceed the temperature of 185°F to avoid the magnets from being demagnetized. 

Q: How many do you get with this order?
A: You will get 4 magnetic V-clamps, which come in 2 small and 2 medium magnets.



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