Magnetic Adjustable Angle Welding Holder

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Make Welding Workpieces Much Easier!

“It is sturdy for professional applications with easy-to-find angles and a powerful magnet to keep material in place. I use it almost every day to finish various fabrication projects and it helped me tremendously. Glad I bought it.” - Leo A.

Why Buy Our Magnetic Adjustable Angle Welding Holder?

VERSATILE: This magnetic tool easily holds and positions any sheet metal, round pipes, square, angled, or flat stock for welding or small fabrication projects. It has a maximum pulling force of 33 LBS and clasp stock at 30°-270° using the inside or outside surfaces of the magnet.

SECURE: The inside/outside angle magnets are constructed from two independent rectangular magnets for consistent, undiminished magnetic force when both sides are attached to workpieces. It also has a hex hole for breakaway leverage and mounting holes to link two magnets together for use as fixturing elements. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be locked at any angle such as 31 degrees?

A: Yes, you can tighten the bolt down and lock it into any position using the included hex key.

Q: Can this be adjusted to any angle between 30 and 270 degrees?

A: Yes


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