Long-Handle Bulb Planter

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Plant Bulbs While Standing!

"I have a knee issue requiring surgery, and I wanted something to enable me to plant bulbs in my garden. This made planting 60 bulbs a breeze! - Leo Byrne

Why Buy Our Long-Handle Bulb Planter?

✅PLANTS: Avoid having to unnecessarily agitate any problems on your back or knees with our Long-Handle Bulb Planter! The planter as a whole is 39” tall which can accommodate a wide array of people making it easier to plant bulbs as you only need to shove it to the ground and stomp it down with your feet on the handles! No need to go low on the ground.

✅VERSATILE: It also has a wider array of applications such as a weeder, sod plugger, grass plugger tool, and hole digger. It can dig out a 3.5” diameter hole that is 4.7” deep which makes it applicable for most gardening work. Also made with durable and weather and rust-resistant material and comes with gardening gloves to protect you from bacteria & dirt!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it dig out baby trees?

A: It depends on how deep the root is as it has a hole depth of 4.7” and a diameter of 3.5”

Q: How deep does it go?

A: It goes up to 4.7” in depth.


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