Long Bath Body Brush

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Easily Reach and Wash Your Body!

“It was extremely helpful to me because I have a serious spinal problem and have difficulty bending and reaching to do my personal hygiene. I loved that the sponge ends its easy to use and could be removed and washed.” - Julia Y.

Why Buy Our Long Bath Body Brush?

✅ Efficient: It has a large and curved brush head design that efficiently exfoliates the skin. Its use on the entire body promotes blood circulation and relieves body fatigue.

✅ Convenient: This is designed to prevent pain and strain when washing or while applying lotions and creams to hard-to-reach areas. Also, the anti-slip handle lets you easily grip while washing and features a sling where you can hang it easily.


✅ Versatile: This is used in dry or wet brushing. It's a dry brush that can be used to tighten the skin on the back. It softens after being rinsed in hot water and is great for scrubbing the body, making it an excellent back scrubber.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can a person with limited mobility use this?

A: Yes, this is very helpful to those who have back problems, the elderly, people with limited mobility, obese people, and those who have a hard time reaching their backside while washing.

Q: How to clean this?

A: You can detach the brush and wash it manually or by a washing machine.

Q: How long is this brush?

A: It's 15.35 inches



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