Liquid Flashing Sealant

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The Most Versatile Liquid Sealant!

"This is a fantastic product. By far the easiest way to flash a window or door opening and get a 100% air and water-tight seal. Also very helpful for sealing any difficult penetrations through your wall sheathing. Takes the place of flashing tape.- Mason Collins

Why Buy Our Liquid Flashing Sealant?

✅EFFECTIVE: Liquid Flashing Sealant will provide an air and water-tight seal for your home or building. It bonds to most building materials such as concrete, wood, and architectural metal. It can even bond to dry or damp surfaces which will help you apply it on irregularly shaped surfaces or shapes.

✅DURABLE: Because of the silicone and urethane combination and STPE technology, this liquid flashing sealant can withstand up to 180 days of extreme weather and UV exposure. It is not recommended you go over this duration as the product will start to lose its effectiveness. This product is compatible with most urethane, silicone, and acrylic sealants.

✅EASY APPLICATION: Ensure the panels are free of any dirt, debris, or oily films. Apply the Liquid Flashing Sealant into the joint and ½” on either side of it then using a spreader, spread the liquid sealant onto it until you can no longer see the material you’re sealing beneath.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Only use in buildings of Type III (roof only) and V (roof and wall) construction or construction permitted under the International Residential Code.
  • Any gaps that exceed 1/4" should be filled with expandable foam insulation, backer rod, or fiber-reinforced gap filler prior to the application of the Liquid Flashing Sealant.
  • Ambient and panel surface temperatures should be between 35°F (2°C) and 110°F (43°C) during application and drying. If air or surface temperatures exceed 95°F (35°C), apply to shaded surfaces before daytime air and surface temperatures reach their peak.
  • Do not exceed 180 days of weather exposure.
  • Do not dilute or alter. No mixing is required.
  • Do not use it as a structural sealant or adhesive.
  • Do not use in place of appropriate through-wall flashing.
  • Do not use below-grade or in locations that are continuously immersed in water.
  • Do not apply to surfaces with standing water or frost.
  • Does not come with a caulking gun.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the shelf life of this product?

A: The shelf life for this product is 12 months.

Q: How long can the sausage be stored open in the gun?

A: Liquid Flash Sealant is a moisture-cured product; therefore, the product will begin to cure once it is exposed. One benefit of using the sausage pack is that you can simply cut off the cured portion of the tube and use any remaining material.


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