Laundry Tension Spring Expander Tool

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Replace The Washer Gasket’s Tension Spring Without A Hassle!

I needed a tool to reinstall the spring clamp that goes around my Maytag washer. Nothing worked until I bought this tool. It made it easier to remove and reinstall the spring. I get the job done by myself and with much less frustration.” - Cara L.

Why Buy Laundry Tension Spring Expander Tool?

EASY TO USE: The Expander Tool simultaneously spreads both ends of the gasket’s tension spring, allowing the metal cable to loosen, making it a one-man job to replace the gasket. Simply adjust the nuts, slowly expand the spring to the desired length and finish the task.

CONVENIENT: Designed for most front-loading washers, but it can also be used for other items that require springs to be expanded. It is the ideal tool for quickly replacing your gasket’s tension spring with no hassle. 


  • It is important to disconnect your washing machine from the power and water supply before servicing.
  • This tool is not considered universal as the item may not fit all gaskets or retract/expand as far as needed for some washers.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How wide does this tool expand the spring maximum?

A: Approximately 10 inches.

Q: Does this work for an LG tub?

A: Yes