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“I like the various angles you can set this to, and it is very compact when closed, making it easy to store and carry. Not only can you use it as a laptop stand, but you can also draw on it with a lightweight drawing board. This is something I'm happy I bought.”
- Charlie Wright

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Durable: It is made of high-quality metal, it's lightweight, and has a sleek style. When drawing, typing, or reading, prevent excessive skidding the anti-slip keeps your laptop and tablet in place while still securing the surface it's on.

Laptop and Tablet Stand Anti-Skid
Different Angles of Laptop and Tablet Stand

Versatile: Adjustable height (7 positions) for improved airflow and more convenient viewing, reading, drawing, and typing. It's perfect for a laptop stand because of the mesh structure. Because of its strong heat dissipation and the metal material's ability to stand up to the elements. This can be also used as a light box for your sketches. 

For Improved Viewing Angles and Heat Dissipation
7 Adjustable Position of Laptop and Tablet Stand

Convenient: A ventilated stand that keeps your laptops, light boxes, and sketch boards cooler, reducing the risk of hardware harm. A foldable and easy-to-use stand that you can easily carry and store.

Function and Uses of Laptop and Tablet Stand
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🧾Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly is the purpose of this product?
A: This is a stand while some use this as a light box as well since this makes it easy to draw and track.

Q: Is it metal and how many angles does it have?
A: It's made of metal and has six angles.
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    Laptop and Tablet Stand