Ladder Stability Anchor

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Boost Your Ladder's Stability 👌

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Must have for ladder owners! This is so easy to attach and very durable. It assures you that your ladder is stable and secure when working high in the air.” - Ethan Gale

Ladder Stability Anchor

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Durable: Made of lightweight aluminum and has (2) 48-inch velcro straps that provide secure attachment to the fascia board or rafters without drilling it.

Ladder Stability Anchor

Flexible: Ideal for those who need to access their roofs and other high places. It prevents the base of the ladder from slipping.

Ladder Stability Anchor

Convenient: It takes a few seconds to attach and no special tools are required for it to install on your rafters.

Ladder Stability Anchor

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Q: Is this OSHA approved?
A: Yes it complies with OSHA regulation 1926.1053(b)(1)

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