Invisible Gel Pad Tape

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Size: 3 foot (1 Meter)
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Why do we need an Invisible Gel Pad Tape?

May it be an emergency or not we sometimes need somewhere to stick or place our things. We always lose our keys, our screwdrivers, knobs, tinker tools, and other stuff. And more often than not, the wall is the only place we always see wherein we can place this easily lost things. What better way to make use of that wall and put our things there.

Yes, I know you may say that there are hooks, racks, and hangers but what if you only need something temporary? Something you might use for a short period of time and dispose of later, or use again later.

Hooks, racks, and hangers can’t do that and they are expensive too. So what to do? What to choose?

Well, we made the choice ready for you Invisible Gel Pad Tape. Your new buddy for a quick fix.

Why buy our Invisible Gel Pad Tape?

Because of the following:

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Reusable, you just need to wash it
  4. Does not disrupt the design of your house or damage your walls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How big is the tape?

It is 16.5 foot roll with a 1.5 inch width. So you can use it for many things and place it anywhere even in small places.

How strong is this tape?

It can carry upto 2 lb of weight. Perfect for holding your keys, hardware tools, and other small kinds of stuff that are easily lost.

How is this reusable?

After removing the tape from the wall, you just have to wash it and let it dry somewhere with sun. Once dry you can stick it again to the wall.

Is this safe?

Absolutely so, it is made from organic materials and non-toxic and very much eco-friendly. You can just easily recycle this after you are done using it. Not harming the nature or the environment at all.

Package Includes:

* 1 x Gel tape (Your choice of Size)

A quick fix, a quick solution to missing things around the house. Stick it, and reuse it. Invisible Gel Pad Tape, the non-damaging solution to your lost things and house organization.