Inline Lever Wire Connector Kit

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Make Connections Easier And Faster!

“I bought these to clean up my old Brultech energy monitoring setup. Lots of CTs - a lot of them are sharing the same channels. These will make it nice & clean looking & will give me the ability to rearrange individual CTs to a different channel without stuffing the others back in at the ECM. They'll just make things easier.” - Ethan P.

Why Buy Our Inline Lever Wire Connector Kit?

CONVENIENT: These different connectors make connecting and disconnecting wires easier and much faster without special tools. It has double and triple colored levers that help with tracing wires and assorting wires clearly and easily. It also has M3 screw mounting holes, making it convenient for fixing the wiring. 

DURABLE: The shell of each connector is made of nylon PA66, which has flame retardant and high-temperature resistance, reducing potential safety hazards. Its conductors are tinned with pure copper and have a built-in stainless steel buckle for rust-resistant, strong conductivity, and secure connection. 

COMPATIBILITY: It comes in a complete kit of 65pcs of different connectors for building and everyday household wiring, such as lights, sockets, switches, cars, electrical boxes, fan controls, etc. Suitable for connecting solid and stranded wires of 0.08-4.0mm²/ AWG28-12 and flexible wires of 0.08-2.5mm²/AWG28-14. Its compact size is also invaluable for all connection space requirements.


  • It has a test hole in every connector surface to check whether the wires have electricity or not.
  • Straighten and stripped wires of 0.39”

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are this waterproof?

A: No

Q: Can I use these for low-voltage 22-gauge wire?

A: Yes

Q: Will these work in a marine environment - stainless/brass contacts?

A: Yes, these can work in the marine environment. The contacts are brass, and the springs inside are stainless.


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