Hydraulic Copper Pipe Crimper Tool

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“I bought this to fix a leaking 1/2" pro-press fitting in our basement that an emergency plumber left 16 months ago on an outside faucet, and we only just discovered. Fortunately, the leak was after the shut off. I just used this tool to repress the leaking joint, and lo and behold, it fixed it. I definitely recommend it for home repairs or home use.” - Henry R.

Why Buy Our Hydraulic Copper Pipe Crimper Tool?

CONVENIENT: This crimper tool has 3 interchangeable dies that fits 1/2", 3/4", 1" copper tubes and features a 360 degrees rotatable head for efficient and leak-free connections. Has ball-bearing springs inside the head to easily change the crimping dies to a different size. To use it, simply slide it in and out for pipe repair and maintenance.

POWERFUL: Has an excellent crimping performance and offers a compressive force of 6 tons that can securely crimp copper pipes. It is made of aluminum alloy and has a constructed steel body with an ergonomic handle for a durable and long lasting use. 

WIDE APPLICATION: The crimper tool is compatible with Viega Copper, Pro-Press, Elkhart, and Conex Pipe Fitting. It is widely applied in electric power, traffic, petroleum, chemical engineering, mining, metallurgy, and shipbuilding areas.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I release the pressure once a fitting has been crimped?

A: Loosen the round knob towards the off direction.

Q: Will this work on brass pro press fittings?

A: No, It is designed for copper not brass.

Q: Will this press Nibco fittings?

A: Yes

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