Humane Mouse Trap

Pack: 2-Pack


Ensure Your Home Is Safe With A No Kill Non-toxic Mouse Trap!

A mouse in your home isn’t the end of the world but it can be unsanitary.

Thankfully, getting rid of them doesn’t have to involve a traumatic glue trap. A humane mouse trap is suitable for people who don't wish to harm any kind of animal.

Why do you need a Humane Mouse Trap? 

Mice may look like cute, but the reality is they can be full of disease, do damage to your home and generally do not make good roommates.

They can spread diseases like hantavirus, salmonellosis and listeria through their urine, droppings, saliva and nesting materials. This will make you very sick.

They multiply really fast. Mice can breed year-round with one female able to produce five to 10 litters per year. With an average of six to eight babies per litter, a family of six mice can multiply into 60 over the course of three months.

Once you detect you have mice, it’s best to deal with them right away so the chance of damage and disease spreading become less of a concern.

To help you get rid of them, here's a Humane Mouse Trap.

This trap offers more friendly relocation option and avoids gruesome killing of mouse.

It's designed for easy catching and even easier releasing: just pull the tab up on the front and wave goodbye.

You don't have to be an expert to use a humane mouse trap. Its design is simple to use and allows trappers of all experience levels to capture, transport, and release small rodents.

Why buy our Humane Mouse Trap?

This mouse trap does not inflict any pain on the mouse. The trap door isn't triggered unless the mouse gets close to the trap's far end, which means that the tail will not get caught by the trap.

It also features a design that ensures no physical contact with the mice effectively reducing the risk of bites and diseases.

This mouse trap is reusable. The compartments are removable & can be cleaned with ease.

Traps should be set and placed in areas around your home where you have detected mice.

How to use:

  1. Remove the bait compartment
  2. Place the bait inside, slide it back in
  3. Push the trap down until it clicks into place
  4. Place the trap cage on the rodent’s supposed traveling path

To release the rodent/mouse:

  1. Carry the cage outdoor
  2. Pull out the bait container
  3. Release the rodent/mouse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How often does the trap need to be check?
Answer: It is recommended to check daily or every 6 to 12 hours to check and dispose of the trapped mouse and use the cage trap again.

Question: What is the suggested bait to use?
Answer: Peanut butter is highly recommended to use as bait for the mouse in the cage trap. Rodents or mice prefer to eat grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Question: Is it safe for my kids and pets?
Answer: Yes, it is designed without any poison, glue, electricity, or other chemicals that can harm humans and pets.

Question: How to clean the trap?
Answer: Always wear intact rubber or plastic gloves when releasing mouse & when cleaning or disinfecting the trap. Traps can be disinfected by soaking them in a solution of three tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water or a commercial disinfectant containing phenol (such as LysolR). DO NOT clean the trap in the kitchen or bathroom sink to prevent cross-contamination.

    Material/s: ABS plastic + PE
    Dimension: 6.69 x 2.4 x 2.56 inches
    Color: Green

    Product Inclusion per Variant
    2-Pack (2 x Humane Mouse Trap)
    4-Pack (4 x Humane Mouse Trap)

    People have always been searching for a cruelty-free mouse trap that works effectively.

    Other mice traps have poison that can make the mouse suffer a painful death, ours will have him eating peanut butter until you release him back into the wild. 



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