High Capacity Broadcast Spreader

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Evenly Spread Fertilizer On Your Lawn!

Is your lawn looking a bit dull and dry? Maybe you over fertilized that spot last time? Or you’re looking for something that can make spreading grass seeds much faster?

Then a High Capacity Broadcast Spreader is just what you need!

Why do you need a High Capacity Broadcast Spreader?

Spreaders provide uniform coverage of granular products. Without one, you may end up with uneven coverage of fertilizer or control products that can result in uneven feeding, weed, disease, or insect control.

Spreaders can also be used to spread grass seed in your lawn or to distribute ice melt on walkways and driveways. Uneven granular product distribution can completely ruin your garden and no one wants that!

You can use it during spring to get that even green for your lawn by spreading fertilizer or use it during winter to layout ice melt for your walkways! A tool that can be used for two seasons!

That’s why a High Capacity Broadcast Spreader is important! Evenly spread lawn products and get a healthier garden overall! Quick and easy to use! It even saves you time and energy because of how smoothly it works!

Why buy our High Capacity Broadcast Spreader?

 Even Distribution: Thanks to the Adjustable Control Panel, you can pick, choose, and get the exact amount of product that you want to spread without having to complicate things!

 Precise Spreading: The innovative Edgeguard Technology helps avoid lawn products spilling over the edges of your lawn and into the driveway! It saves you a lot of money and a mess!

 Large Capacity: This Broadcast Spreader can work for up to a whopping 15,000 sq feet of land! Whether it’s your front yard or a vegetable plot, this is the tool you’re looking for!

 Easy To Use: This comes calibrated and ready to use! Simply operate by pulling the handle and easily start spreading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the lawn products that I can put into this spreader?

A: This lawn spreader can be used for spreading grass seed, granular weed, disease or insect control, salt, salt and sand mix, or ice melt.

Q: What are the size of the wheels and what are they made of?

A: The wheels are 9 inches in diameter and made of durable hard plastic. It's great for using on your lawn and doesn't damage your grass and plants!

How To Use:

  1. Put the lawn product into the Broadcast Spreader.

  2. Set the adjustable control panel to the quantity you want to spread.

  3. Set the Broadcast Spreader at the start of the path that you want to take.

  4. Pull the hand lever to start applying the lawn product. Do so until the desired amount of lawn product is spread.

  5. Release the lever to stop spreading the lawn product.

  6. Once finished, pour the remaining product back into the bag.

⚠️If you applied weed or bug control, wait for the lawn product’s recommended amount of time before getting back to your lawn.


  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 22 x 22 inches

  • Item Weight: 17.52 pounds

  • Maximum Coverage: 15,000 sq ft.

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x High Capacity Broadcast Spreader

Give your garden new life with a High Capacity Broadcast Spreader! Widely chosen by gardeners and farmers across the country, this Spreader makes your gardening tasks that much easier!

Save money, time and energy with this Broadcast Spreader, get one NOW!

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