Heavy Duty Tire Chain Plier Tool

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Repairing Tire Chains Made Easy!

Worked on the truck, skidder, and tractor chains with no hassle. If you're on the road/field and expect to chain up, I'd keep this tool in your truck, can remove the blown cross-link instead of letting it tear stuff up.” - Jerry E.

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Tire Chain Plier Tool?

EFFICIENT: This tool has dual-purpose jaws that make tire chain repair easy. One side closes the tire chains, and the other is an overlapping jaw to spread tire chains or hooks for a complete repair. It is 33.5” long with an ergonomic handle, perfect for any heavy-duty tire chain repairs.

HEAVY DUTY: Its jaws are made of heat-treated alloy steel for durable and long-lasting use. The joints on the plier turn 50 to 4000 LBS with hand pressure to make repairs quick and effortless. Suitable for ⅜” and larger truck or tractor tire chains. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this tool work on both 3/8" and 5/16" chains?

A: Yes 

Q: Do they work on a 1/4-inch chain?

A: Yes, it will work on large tire chains


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