Heavy Duty Pastry Dough Blender

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Style: 3-inch
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Make Better Pastries!

"Much better than trying to use 2 silver knives. It makes for a better result too as the blades don't bend and you can really mash it up well. I definitely recommend it! - Megan Duncan

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Pastry Dough Blender?

✅MASHES: Avoid inefficient methods such as knifing cold butter with flour with our Heavy Duty Pastry Dough Blender! It has five non-sharp blades that mash it easily and create a better texture, taste & crust for your pastries! It’s also great to mash up scones, bananas, avocados & more. Amaze your family & friends with incredible pastries!

✅DESIGN: The blades are also spread out far enough for them to be easily cleaned by hand so that dough or other foods won’t get stuck as easily. Also, compared to regular pastry cutters it isn’t flimsy and it’s made of stainless steel making it incredibly long-lasting. Comes in two styles, 3” and 4” so you can pick one that fits your needs!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the blades sharp?

A: No, they are not sharp.

Q: When a recipe says to cut butter into flour, is this what you use?

A: Yes, this makes cutting butter into flour incredibly easy and produces better results!


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