Heavy Duty Gas Lift Office Chair Cylinder

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"Huge chair upgrade. Definitely better than standard metal ones. So easy to install too!"
 Eddie Peters

How does this Support Your Chair? 😌👌

✅ Heavy Duty: These chair cylinders are all Class 4, which are known as the most durable, longest-lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders. They can even support up to 1000 lbs without fail.

 Easy To Install: As the highest quality cylinder on the market, it includes an exclusive cylinder removal tool, detailed step-by-step installation instructions, gloves, making sure to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

✅ Wide Compatibility: This Gas Lift Office Chair Cylinder will fit almost every office chair on the market.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How would I know if it fits my chair?
A: Please check the dimensions of the base of your office chair and then compare it to the image below for reference. This Chair Cylinder will fit most office chair brands and models.

Q: Will this affect the height of my chair?
A: If the dimensions of your chair base fit the Chair Cylinder, then the length of the Chair Cylinder will not affect the height of your chair. It may cause a slight difference in height if the dimensions are not exact to fit.


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