Heavy Duty Fence Screen

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Size: 6' x 50'
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Easily Cover Up Your Fences and Backyard!

Worried about getting unwanted attention from nosy neighbors or passersby? Looking for something to protect you against UV exposure in your backyard? Why not get something that gives you both?

Feel safe and secured from both UV rays and people invading your privacy with a Heavy Duty Fence Screen!

Why do you need a Heavy Duty Fence Screen?

Having backyard fun should be a part of everyone's lives. But it’s hard to lounge around in the pool or just relax on your patio when you’re worried about your privacy.

That’s what putting up a Heavy Duty Fence Screen is for! It’s an easy solution for keeping your private matters protected!

Not just that. it also blocks harmful UV rays, protecting your skin too! It can also prevent your pets from going through the neighbor's backyard.

Why buy our Heavy Duty Fence Screen?

Excellent Blockage: The Fence Screen blocks up to 80% Visibility and 90% UV Rays giving you two-way protection after installation!

Durable: Made of High-Density Polyethylene, this Fence Screen is weather resistant and holds up in high heat and extreme weather conditions while allowing air to go through!

Easy To Install: The Triple Grommet Design on each corner helps avoid tearing of the fence screen after a period of time, giving you long-lasting protection! It even comes with Zip Ties to make installation even faster!

Wide Coverage: You can choose from 6’ x 50’, 6’ x 75’, 6’ x 100’ fence screen sizes. This allows you to pick and cover a wide area of your fence with just one Fence Screen!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much visibility can it block?

A: This Fence Screen can block up to 80% visibility from the other side of the fence.

Q: Does pollen or dust stick to the fence screen?

A: The Fence Screen can block dust to some degree but pollen dust or debris does not stick to it.

Q: What if it's too short for my fence?

A: It is recommended to plant some fast-growing shrubs beneath your fence to help block the bottom part that can't be covered by the screen.

Q: Can I cut this if it's too long for my fence?

A: Yes! If the size is too long for your fence this can be easily cut or folded down to the desired size to fit your fence.

How To Install:

  1. Wind a wire through the edges of your fence and into the grommets of the Heavy Duty Fence Screen.

  2. Tie-down each wire to secure the Fence Screen in place.

  3. For non-chain link fences: It is possible to plant posts at the end of your fences to put the Fence Screen in place.


  • Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 11.6 x 6.7 inches

  • Item Weight: 9.93 pounds

  • Color: Solid Black

Package Inclusions Per Variant:

6’ x 50’

  • 1 x 6’x50’ Heavy Duty Fence Screen

  • Zip Ties for Installation

6’ x 75’

  • 1 x 6’x75’ Heavy Duty Fence Screen

  • Zip Ties for Installation

6’ x 100’

  • 1 x 6’x100’ Heavy Duty Fence Screen

  • Zip Ties for Installation

A simple but effective way of getting an instant increase to privacy and skin protection in your own backyard! This Fence Screen is the ideal for all homeowners, giving comfort and relief thanks to its effectiveness!

A fence screen for your backyard, get one NOW!

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