Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit

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Size: 110 PCS
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A Secure Way Of Splicing Your Wires Together!

“These connectors allow me to make highly secure and conductive connections with sealed protection all in one step. I just need to strip my wires about 1/2 inch each, slide them into the connector, and heat them with a heat gun. It makes for very clean, secure, and safe connections that ensure high conductivity.” - Miles O.

Why Buy Our Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit?

EASY TO USE: This kit makes connecting wires much easier, you just need to use a heat gun, and no crimping tool or soldering machine is required. It can splice wires ranging from 26 to 10 AWG and comes in color-coded tubing, making it simple to identify the right size for every application.

WATERPROOF: Each connector has a dual-walled design tubing with waterproof hot melt adhesives and a solder sleeve to ensure that the wires are tightly connected and prevent them from slipping out of the terminal. Its heat-shrinkable tubing has a shrinkage ratio of 2:1

WIDE APPLICATION: It is ideally used to connect broken wires or wires in a new device in your automotive, boat, trailer, RV, marine, and other outdoor applications. 


  • How to use:
    • Step 1: Strip the wire insulator to a proper length and insert wires into the solder sleeve of the proper size.
    • Step 2: Twist the wires together and move the connector to the middle of the wire.
    • Step 3: Evenly heat by a heat gun (better with a reflector nozzle) until it melts.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the soldered area exposed or covered by thermal plastic?

A: It is covered. 

Q: Could I use a small butane or propane torch instead of a heat gun?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use it to merge more than 2 wires? For example, I have 3 ground wires that need to connect together as one.

A: Yes, you can, as long as all three wires are copper. Just choose the size where two wires would fit on one side and one wire is on the other side. It should shrink down and connect all three wires.