Handheld Shoe Dryer and Sanitizer

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Say Goodbye to Damp Shoes! 👟 👞 🥾

What Makes This a Shoe-in? 🤔

✅ All Around: The 360 degree Heat Outlets that cover the shoe dryer allows for even and steady shoe drying so that no space is left damp! Cover all the spots in your shoes with this! You can even adjust the length to fit your needs!

✅ Precise: The heat is released at a steady rate by the PTC Heat Generator, this means that you won’t have to worry about any overheating or damage due to the heat! Get your shoes dry overnight!

✅ Durable: The shoe dryer is highly heat resistant designed to avoid damage on the outer casing and the cord can carry up to 44 lbs! You can use it to hang your shoes!

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this noisy?

A: Not at all, you can leave these in your shoes all night and it won’t cause any disturbance.

Q: How hot can these get?

A: These can put out a maximum of 70°F of heat. It won’t cause any damage to your shoes and you can leave it overnight. An indicator light will let you know once it’s on.

Q: How long is this?

A: The standard size is 5.4 inches but it can be extended to accommodate larger shoe sizes.


📦 Package Inclusions:

👟 2 x Handheld Shoe Dryer and Sanitizer

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