Hand Pump Sprayer With Pressure Gauge

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Style: 1.5 Gallon Capacity
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Easily Water & Maintain Your Garden!

"This stainless steel sprayer is the answer to my hopes and dreams. This is a durable unit, it is easy to use. The pressure gauge is great & you can go from a stream to a fine mist! - Dylan Bell

Why Buy Our Hand Pump Sprayer With Pressure Gauge?

✅SPRAYS: Upgrade your gardening game with our Hand Pump Sprayer With Pressure Gauge! Experience the power of the premium brass nozzle, allowing you to effortlessly switch between direct injection and a fine mist. With a flexible hose and spray stick, reach distances of 19.7-23 ft with ease. Say goodbye to flimsy sprayers and watering cans, as our stainless steel sprayer offers durability and reliability.

✅DESIGN: Stay in control with the built-in security valve and pressure gauge, ensuring safe and consistent pressure levels. It also has a 1.5-3 gallon capacity and can be used with water, herbicide, insecticide & more! It’s incredibly easy to use & set up and now you can maintain your garden with ease.

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Q: Can you heat the bottom for a hot shower?

A: Yes, you can.

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A: As long as it is not boiling, yes.