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Dry your hair in just a short amount of time with 3x more power than your normal dryer

Sometimes when we dry our hair it takes us a long time. It might be because the dryer is not that powerful, sometimes it even dies in the middle of you drying your hair.

Or it breaks down or it heats too much.

But if you have a dryer that is so powerful that it only takes you a few minutes to dry your hair, you won’t have too much problem. You can do all your preparation in less than an hour! 

That is if you have our HAIR POWER DRYER. This is 3x more powerful than your ordinary hair dryer and this is affordable too!

Ditch your old hair dryer and get our HAIR POWER DRYER


  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT – With 1800W of powerful wind and high temperature that will surely dry your hair in just a few minutes.
  • THREE-STAGE TEMPERATURE CONTROL BUTTON – You can control the temperature of the wind and adjust the settings in three steps for various hair drying styling techniques.
  • TWO-STAGE POWER CONTROL BUTTON – You have the two-step power for low and high wind speed. 
  • CONCENTRATOR NOZZLE - Which you can use to concentrate the wind to certain parts of your hair to focus the drying in that part.
  • STYLING DIFFUSER - Takes care of not just your hair but also your scalp.
  • COOL AIR BUTTON – This dryer also comes with COOL AIR BUTTON that you can use to calm your hair down after subjecting it to heat.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Built with cord hanger to easily hang to the wall and the foldable body with silicone rubber material design has an excellent grip making it easy to carry.


  • EASY TO USE – With dedicated Temperature and Power buttons, it’s easier to switch the desired wind speed and hotness of the air coming out.
  • QUICK DRY AND HEALTHY SCALP– The powerful 1800W dryer with the Concentrator Nozzle will dry your hair evenly and faster. And with the large Styling Diffuser, it will give you a healthier scalp and scalp massage with fast-drying function.
  • LESS EFFORT TO CARRY AND STORE – With the foldable handle, you can easily carry it with your hands, or store in inside your drawers.
  • MORE POWER FOR LESS EXPENSE - Compared with other hair dryers this one is more powerful given the affordability it offers you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is this good for thick coarse hair?
Answer: Works amazingly on extremely thick hair and will dry it just as fast as thin hair.

Question: Is this comfortable to hold?
Answer: Yes! It is made with Silicone rubber for excellent grip.

Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: The cord length is 5.54 feet.

Package Includes:
*1 1800W hair dryer
*1 detachable nozzle
*1 detachable diffuser

Save your time and money because now you can do your hairdo and your entire preparation for your next big outing easily and in just a short amount of time.

HAIR POWER DRYER will give you the heating and power that your hair needs.

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