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Why do we need a Hair Curler and Straightener?

It is such a hassle and frustrating thing when you can’t just manage your hair. Moreso when you need your hair to just behave but it won’t.

Simply, simply frustrating.

Then some of us just want our hair to have volume or style but no amount of styling gel or spray or hair cream will help us style our unmanageable hair.

Good thing technology is here to save us. Hair Curler and Straightener are here to save the bad hair day.

I know it sounds corny but heck yeah just try having a frizzy thick as donkey’s mane hair and let us see if you don’t go crazy managing your hair every day.

Why buy our Hair Curler and Straightener?

Because trust me, girl, you badly need it. Like really badly, madly need it. I have never used a curler that made curls like this so easily and really curly.

It produces gorgeous curls and waves. The curls and waves look so natural and pretty. It does not look like a badly botched curl made from a bad hair curler.

For the straightener, well let us just say that once you use this you’ll be surprised because it is like you just combed your hair in one swipe and it is just magically straight.

That is how effective this hair tool is. You never have to worry when you want to style it however you want it. It is made easier by the Hair Curler and Straightener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Does it work for short hair too?
  • Definitely! Whether you have a medium-bob or a short bob or short hair which is just above the shoulders this can straighten your hair smoothly or curl your hair in natural, bouncy or well-defined curls.


  • What is the plate made of?
  • The metal plate of this product is made of ceramic and tourmaline and uses the ceramic and tourmaline technology. Basically, ceramic, unlike gold or other metal coated plates, glides through hair smoothly, without pulling and tugging and heats up evenly while tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract positive ions from dry hair and that’s the reason why it can remove the frizz and smoothen out the hair. This should actually be the buying guide of every beauty and hair enthusiast.

  • Is the temperature adjustable?
  • Yes! It’s on/off switch is also its temperature switch. Inside the handle, just below the switch is the temperature display so you’ll be able to decide whether the heat is just enough for your need to adjust. You just have to click the on/off button to power it on and click on it again and again until you arrive at the temperature that can work best for your hair. The temperature display will blink light for a corresponding click of a switch so you’ll know whether to stop or go on.

  • Is this a dual voltage?
  • Yes, it actually works for 100v- 240v with power from 29W to 35W.

  • Do I still have to dry my hair smooth before using this Hair Curler and Straightener when I have a curly hair?
  • Not necessarily. You ca use this on dry hair regardless if it’s smooth-dried or not. Works perfectly on damp hair too.

  • Will the straightener work for afro-textured hair?
  • Of course! Our technology can definitely work on any hair but just be reminded that the time for making a hair curly or straight is different depending on its texture. Afro-textured hair must take longer to straighten but easier to curl.

  • What type of socket is on this product?
  • This uses a regular outlet plug.

    Package Includes:

    *Gold with box
    Curl it, straighten it, wave it. Get the beach hair waves or that doll curls, or create your own style. No matter what style or fashion it is you can do your hair easily and fashionably with Hair Curler and Straightener.

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