Golf Shoes Cleats Replacement Kit

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An all-in-one kit for cleat replacement! 😍💯

Golf Shoes Cleats Replacement Kit

“This is a great kit for golf shoes spikes replacement. The cleats are in really good quality. Also, removing difficult spikes was easy because the clit also includes wrenches.”  - Rico Cruz

Why is This the Best Cleat Kit? 🙌

✅  ALL-IN-ONE: This kit contains 18 durable replacement cleats with an advanced rotational design. It also includes a removal wrench and a 2-prong insertion wrench for a fast and easy cleat replacement.

2-prong wrench


Replacement Cleat
Replacement Cleat

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these compatible with any golf shoes?

A: They’re compatible with golf shoes that have Fast Twist and Tri-Lok systems.

Q: How do I replace my golf shoes cleats with this?


How to use the kit
  1. Use the removal wrench to remove the old cleats.
  2. Insert the new replacement cleats in the receptacles. 
  3. Secure the cleats using the 2-prong insertion wrench.
  4. Then, you’re done!
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