Golf Club Cleaner (Set of 6)

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The instant cleaner for golf clubs!🏌🙌

Golf Club Cleaner (Set of 6) with Bag Tether

“These actually work well! It removes dirt easily. It’s like a magic eraser! I’m super happy with this.”

- Reynold S.

How Can This Clean Effectively? 💯

✅  DUAL-SIDED: This Golf Club Cleaner has two sides: a sponge and a scouring pad. Use the green side to scrub away dirt, grime, and scuff marks, then use the white side to finish the job. During use, the white side will naturally disintegrate.

Golf Club Cleaner with Double-sided cleaning pad

✅  VERSATILE: It can be used to clean golf clubs, golf balls, and shoes. It is designed to remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass instantly.

Versatile Golf Club Cleaner
Versatile Golf Club Cleaner

✅  EASY TO USE: Gently rub the Golf Club Cleaner to your golf club, golf ball, or shoes for instant cleaning. It includes a Bag Tag Tether to hold all 6 of the Golf Club Cleaners and hang in your bag for easy access.

Easy to use Golf Club Cleaner

✅  REUSABLE: The sponge is reusable. If it starts to dry again, simply wet it again to reactivate.

Golf Club Cleaner

🚫 Note: The sponges will work when they’re wet. It is recommended to wet the sponge first before using to achieve thorough cleaning. 

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many can you use per round of golf? 

A: Many golfers are able to get multiple rounds out of each sponge. It just depends on how much cleaning you need to do between shots.

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