Garage Tire Hanger

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Maximize The Space In Your Garage!

"Ordered these hangers for my tires that are cluttered on the garage floor. I saved a huge space in my garage, and it's better than keeping the summer or snow tires on the floor when not in use!Johnny G.

Why Buy Our Garage Tire Hanger?

✅ORGANIZE: Garage Tire Hangers are the most ideal tire storage system for a garage. They utilize a garage’s wall space to store tires horizontally and keep the floor space free. It is easily installed with 2 screws on the wall.

DOUBLE HOOK: The double hook design makes it incredibly varied on the types of items you can store and this makes your workspace less cluttered, chaotic and can better bring peace to you bringing better results. It has an impressive capacity of 50 lbs. Easily organize your chairs, shovels, ski boards, workbenches, etc.

✅DURABLE: The hanger is made of high-quality steel that has rubber sleeves that protect it and the item that is being stored on it from scratches, or any other tiny damage that may occur from close contact. It is also protected from rust making it a long-lasting product and requires barely any maintenance. 

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This can hold up to 50 lbs

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these ok for outdoor use?

A: They can be used for outdoor uses as long as there is sufficient space.

Q: How much space is between each hook?

A: It is 3.6 inches.


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