Full Brim Non-Vented Hard Hat

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Protection, comfort, and style all in one hard hat!

“Hard hats are important in my line of work and this is just perfect for me. This really provides protection with a stylish addition. I like the classic black color. The ratchet suspension feature is very convenient because I can easily tighten the hat for a secure fit, and the full brim helps from keeping falling objects away from contact. - Allen M.

How Can This Provide Protection?


  • This personal protective equipment (PPE) hard hat / safety helmet is made of high-impact ABS for reliable protection and features a wide full brim for additional protection from falling objects.
  • It is fully compliant with the following standards and requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) / American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

✅   SECURE AND ADJUSTABLE FIT: It features a 6-point ratchet suspension, with a padded harness that allows easy adjustment for a secure fit. 

✅   COMFORTABLE:  It has a head pad and a brow pad that’s made of padded polyester fabric & polyurethane (PU) foam for added comfort. 

✅   LIGHTWEIGHT: This hard hat is made of high-impact ultra-light ABS, making it 10% lighter and 66% stronger than other usual hard hats. 

✅   STYLISH: It features an elegant classic black design for stylish use.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I adjust the suspension?

A: You can easily adjust the padded harness inside the hat by twisting the knob at the back of the hat to change the suspension from 6.5 to 8 inches. 

Q: Is the brow pad replaceable/removable?

A: Yes, the brow pad can be replaced / removed. 

📌 Note: 

  • Stamp date on hat indicates month and year when the shell was molded. It does not indicate service life.
  • Suspension should be changed every year depending on use. The hard hat should be changed every 5 years depending on use.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight, or chemicals may reduce the life of the hat. Never store in direct sunlight and clean the hat with a mild detergent and warm (not hot) water.

⚙️  Specifications:

    • Shell Thickness: 1.7 - 4 mm
    • Suspension Adjustable Size: 6.5 - 8 inches
    • Suspension Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) & High-impact Nylon
    • Brow Padding / Sweatband Material: Polyester Fabric & Polyurethane (PU) Foam
    • Hat Type: Full Brim, Non-Vented
    • Maximum Service Life: 5 years (shell) and 1 year (suspension) from the time of first use
    • Safety Type and Class: 
      • OSHA, ANSI Z89.1-2014, Type 1
      • Passes Low Temperature (LT) protection at 22°F and High Temperature (HT)  protection at 140°F.

    📦  Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x Full Brim Non-Vented Hard Hat

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