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Handy and Mess-Free Fluid Extraction!

“This small pump is amazing! I tried it, and it took about 3 to 5 minutes to remove all of the oil, and yes, it sucks it all out. I also hooked my air compressor hose to the pump, which quickly emptied 5 quarts.” - Charles H.

Why Buy Our Fluid Extractor?

EFFICIENT: It features both pneumatic and manual modes to accommodate any situation. The pneumatic mode offers higher speeds, while the manual mode requires no additional equipment. This has a fast extraction speed of 1.8L /min and it extracts engine oil in a 4-cylinder car within 5 minutes at pneumatic mode.

CONVENIENT: It comes with 5 different diameter tubes that go into the bottom of the oil pan. Fluids varying from engine oil to brake fluids can be extracted with the fluid extractor. It features a 6.5L reservoir, 3.28 feet of flex hose, and three extra dipstick hoses to reach the reservoir's lowest bottom and suck up every drop of oil.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use it?


  • Step 1. Preparatory Work
    • The working temperature ranges from 35 ℉ to 200 ℉. After driving, let the engine cool for at least 15 minutes.
    • Preheat the car for at least 3 minutes before extraction if it hasn't been used in the last 4 hours.
  • Step 2. Install the Tube
    • Remove the cylinder lid and insert the suitable tube.
    • Connect an extension tube to the main tube until it reaches the bottom of the oil pan if the hose isn't long enough.
  • Step 3. Extract Oil
    • Pneumatic: Connect the 1/4" NPT quick coupler to the air compressor. Set the operating pressure between 40-170 psi.
    • Manual: Pump the fluid extractor with your hands. Get the job done anywhere and anytime.
    • Make sure the tubes are connected tightly before extracting.
  • Step 4. Pump Out The Oil
    • Press the decompression valve to release the negative pressure. Remove the hose clockwise.
    • Pour out the used fluid into another container and take it to the nearby disposal center for recycling.

Q: What are the kinds of fluids it can extract?

A: This can extract the engine oil, brake fluid, ATF fluid, and other non-corrosive and non-thick fluid.


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